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Dr. 'K' (Dr. Death) was right!

PostPosted: Wed Nov 05, 2014 6:01 am
by andysbeef
YEP....Dr Kevorkian, also known as Dr. Death, was right. Back, in the early 90's, Detroit area, he assisted people who had life threatening illnesses to die with dignity. Many if not all suffered unbearable pain and he helped them die and he went to jail for it....BIG MISTAKE!
The latest....5 states now have 'Die with Dignity' laws and you can have your doctor assist you to die if you have had enough.
In the news lately was this young gal, 29 year old Brittany Maynard from Oregon, she moved there so she could 'die' on her terms. She decided to die this past week (brain tumor). Her story was in this past months (October) 'People' magazine.