Gays....I'm sick of their BS!

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Gays....I'm sick of their BS!

Postby andysbeef » Mon Feb 10, 2014 2:47 pm

Gays....I'm sick of their BS!

YEP, sick of their BS. Why the hell should I feel uncomfortable just because they want to come out of the closet? They should go back in the closet where they belong and get some help. Yeah help, like 'mental' help. There is definitely something wrong with them. It's against everything normal (nature) and they need help!

Russia has a law against gays and our political pukes made a statement something like: "It (Russia's Gay Law) is against a diverse population". What our political pukes, Democrats, really mean is that it's against the 'liberal' way of thinking (?).
'OH, don't say anything we may hurt their feelings'........argh....BS!

To give credibility to what I'm saying....when your GAY you can't 'legally' give blood. So the government and doctors are in agreement that there's something wrong with gays!
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