Today's current politicians got your shorts in an uproar? George Bush, Obama, immigration - the "anchors" sinking our ship, whatever - Sound off here! Read the Muslim BS here, 'religion (?) of peace' MY ASS!


Postby andysbeef » Sun Apr 24, 2016 6:26 am

Look, this is not a civil rights issue it's what's between your legs so get over it!
Everyone has lost their mind especially the liberals! The liberals are falling over themselves in an effort to buy votes......they have done it in the past and NOTHING has changed. Those nut-jobs want the 'confused' person to use the public bathroom that they feel most comfortable using. What a crock of are what's between your legs....PERIOD! Why do I have to feel uncomfortable (the huge majority) because you have a problem, SEEK HELP, it's YOUR problem not mine so keep me out of it! And no, I'm not being uncaring I'm being realistic....something you should be, again, SEEK HELP.
President Jihad, remember one thing....the 'guy' who walked into the women's bathroom behind your daughters feels comfortable there.
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