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Postby andysbeef » Mon May 05, 2014 9:58 am

The government pukes just don't get it....Ukraine's or ours!
The Eastern portion voted about 98% that they wanted to be Russians. The Western portion voted about 98% that they wanted to be Ukraines.
Then Barack'O chimes in and warns Russia....yeah, like Puttin is going to listen to our asshole lying president.
So the governments decided to get out the guns and settle it and not listen to the people.

Hey....ousted president Pro-Russian dictator Viktor Yanukovych, acting Pro-Ukraine president Oleksanos Turchynov, Puttin and Barack'O....LISTEN TO THE PEOPLE AND LOOK AT THE STATS!

Put the guns and Barack'O's threats away, let the 'PEOPLE' sit down together and come up with some kind of boundary. Use longitude/latitude lines rivers etc. Agree to a 10 year treaty/moratorium where the Pro-Russian people move to the east and Pro-Ukrain people move to the west. Nobody dies and the 'nationalities/cultures' are where they want to be.
Only 2% of the people from both sides will be moved/ is all about compromise.

What the Ukraine people should tell our lying disgusting president...."shut the hell up and mind your own business"!
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