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Well....it took me a long time but I finally joined. Yep, older than dirt but I joined. The reason it took me so long is back around the 70's there was an article in the N.R.A. mag about an all plastic gun that was undetectable BY ANY TYPE OF SECURITY METHODS. The N.R.A. said, in short, that we had the right to own one....I DISAGREED! I not only disagreed about owning one I said that it should be illegal to produce them and import them into the U.S. I wish I would have saved that article....they showed the gun on the front cover, It was a light yellowish plastic.
OK, I mellowed a bit and joined....only about 40 years later and now I'm disappointed with them. I thought....boy, I'll get deals on ammo, discounts on guns, articles about new guns, reports/videos about gun shoots & clubs.....NOT EVEN CLOSE. All I get in the mail, about once a month, is a donation request of some kind or another, they like to use silver dollar sized commemorative type coins as their come-on. Hell, they even embarrassed me into not requesting the 'freebie' that they offered for joining. They got me for three years, I'll think long and hard about another three years. The N.R.A. DOES a great service, I'm just not in total agreement on how they are doing it.
But remember....this doesn't change my 'stand' on guns one bit, NOT ONE BIT!

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